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How To Replace the Battery in Kindle Fire D01400

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Use this detailed step by step repair guide to help you replace the battery in your Kindle Fire D01400.

Necessary Replacement Parts

  • 355A2L Battery for Kindle Fire D01400 - (Replacement for the following battery model/part numbers: 3555A2L, 814916014385, DR-A013, D931422P118D, E3GU111L2002, GB-S02-3555A2-0200, PRB-12 & QP01)

Necessary Tools

       Note: Above tools are included for FREE when this replacement battery is purchased from mpfproducts.com.

Remove the Back Case - Step 1

         fire-battery-step-1-pic-1.jpg          fire-battery-step-1-pic-2.jpg          fire-battery-step-1-pic-3.jpg

  • Wedge one of the plastic opening tools into the lower righthand corner of the Kindle Fire.
  • Slowly pry the case apart and then run the plastic opening tool along the perimeter of the Kindle Fire. Pry the bottom of the Kindle Fire away (and out to the side) from the top part. This will release the small clips securing the two case halves together. Be careful not to exert too much force during this step as it might crack the inside tabs or scratch the case.

Remove the Back Case - Step 2


  • Once all of the small plastic clips have been freed, carfully remove the back case from the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Battery Removal - Step 3

      fire-battery-step-3-pic-1.jpg         fire-battery-step-3-pic-2.jpg         fire-battery-step-3-pic-3.jpg

  • Insert the tip of the plastic opening tool between the right battery cell and the frame of the Kindle Fire.
  • Lever the battery upward and slowly work the plastic opening tool down along its edge to release the adhesive that secures it to the frame.

Remove the Old Battery - Step 4


  • Use the plastic opening tool to repeat the process detailed in step 3 to free the left battery cell from the frame.

Remove the Old Battery - Step 5


  • Carefully lift the bottom of the battery to relieve any tension in the battery connector and simultaneously use the plastic opening tool to push the battery connector out of its socket.
  • Pull the old battery out of the Kindle Fire.

Insert the New Replacement Battery - Step 6

    fire-battery-step-6-pic-1.jpg    fire-battery-step-6-pic-2.jpg

  • Remove the protective covering from the double stick tape.
  • While holding the bottom of the new battery carefully connect the battery connector to its socket.
  • Carefully place the new Kindle Fire Battery into the battery compartment and firmly press on its center to adhere the sticky tape to the frame.
  • To reassemble simply follow these instructions in reverse order.



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