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How to Replace the BNA-B0002 Battery for Barnes & Noble NOOK HD 7 BNRV400 BNTV400 Tablet

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Use this detailed step-by-step repair guide to help you replace the BNA-B0002 Battery 

for Barnes & Noble NOOK HD 7"

Necessary Replacement Parts:

Necessary Replacement Tools:

Note: Above tools are included for FREE when this replacement battery is purchased from MPFProducts.com.

Step 1

  • Using one of the plastic opening tools, gently pry the screen frame away from the screen.
  • Run the plastic opening tool along the interior edge of the screen until the screen frame is completely separated from the glass.

Step 2

  • Locate and remove the (17) screws around the battery casing using the T5 screwdriver.

Step 3

  • Slowly pull the back casing away from the screen and motherboard. There is a cable attaching the battery to the board, be careful to not separate by pulling too hard at this step as it could cause damage. 

Step 4

  • Use a plastic opening tool to unclip the wire from the pins by gently pulling the white connector up.  After this is done you should have the 2 separated pieces (front and back). 

Step 5 

Use a plastic opening tool to gently lift up and remove the battery out of the back plate.  To do this insert the tool under the side and pull up gently.

Once the old battery is removed, replace with your

New BNA-B0002 Replacement Battery For Nook HD 7"

(pictured below) and follow steps in reverse order to reassemble.

NA-B0002 Battery for Barnes & Noble NOOK HD 7 BNRV400 BNTV400 Tablet


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