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How to Replace a YK372731 Battery in Golf Buddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

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Necessary Replacement Parts:

Necessary Replacement Tools:

Note: Above tools are included FREE when this replacement battery is purchased from MPF Products.

  1. First note where each of the buttons on the Golf Buddy are positioned as they will most likely come off during the replacement process and you will need to put each one back in the right spot. You can try holding them in with a finger to keep them from coming off.
  2. Remove the #00 Phillips screw on the side of the unit (next to the on/off switch). Place the screw in a safe location for reassembly later.
  3. Next, use a plastic pry tool to pry around the seam. Do not take the two halves of the case apart completely (open the case very carefully like you would a clamshell, from the bottom side opening upwards). The screen is attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable near the top. If it does become detached, it can be reattached later, but it's easier if you leave it plugged in.
  4. Carefully lift the motherboard from the back half of the case. You will see the OEM battery located underneath.
  5. Unplug and remove the OEM battery. Make sure to unplug it without removing the socket. (Look at the connector of the new battery to see what the plug should look like. That is the plug that unplugs from the socket.)
  6. Plug in and install the new Golf Buddy Voice Battery.
  7. Put the motherboard back into place while making sure not to crimp the wires.
  8. Close the Golf Buddy back up, making sure not to crimp the screen ribbon cable. Reinstall the buttons if they came loose.
  9. Replace the phillips screw on the side of the unit.
  10. Charge the battery overnight for 6-8 hours before first use
  11. Play Golf!


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